Redefining Cybersecurity for Your Organization

Written by: CJ McGillivray

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Security strategies must therefore constantly be revised and redefined. What worked yesterday for your organization may not work today. Hackers engage in creative and unexpected thinking because they have to in order to break through firewalls and exploit vulnerabilities. It only makes sense that your line of defence should be just as creative and adaptive to the changing circumstances. Consider the importance of penetration testing and vulnerability or threat intelligence analysis. Without these fundamental practices, your organization is at far greater risk of an unexpected breach. 

Redefining Fear of Change 

Fear of change is a major roadblock to business growth. But fear does not have to get in the way of building a robust and impenetrable cybersecurity system for your organization. The best way to combat evolving cybersecurity threats is to stay flexible and open to creative solutions from your team. Think critically about your infrastructure and what avenues or channels of communication you have set up so that employees can regularly contribute creative solutions or ideas. 

Redefining Expectations for Your Team 

As a business owner or manager, you can protect your organization by investing in the right people. This does not necessarily mean hiring external or additional staff members unless you are in a position to expand. You may have some great untapped potential within your current team. Consider the loyalty and proven competency of your administrative team. By investing in their ongoing professional development, you can keep your current staff feeling engaged and motivated at work while also building up your cyber defences. 
If you are struggling to find cybersecurity professionals for hire, examine whether or not you could redefine job roles within your organization. Maybe your executive assistant would make an excellent systems administrator or network analyst one day if they had the security+ certification or network+ certification training to support that type of end goal. Your office administrator could become a data support technician or help desk technician with the help of a+ certification training. Perhaps there is even a junior accounting assistant who could become an invaluable threat intelligence analyst after being supported through the cysa+ certification training process. Look at your current pool of talent and consult with a human resources professional or advisor if you have one. They may be able to help identify the strengths of your current team and create an action plan for how those strengths could be transformed into a vital and vibrant cybersecurity force. 

Redefining the Future of Cybersecurity for Your Organization 

Investing in the professional development of your team no doubt has immense benefits for the individual. But how about the organization at large? How does continuing education help your company? Taking action to support your employees in their education helps build trust among your team and ensures company loyalty and real investment in the work they do. At the end of the day, funding cybersecurity courses and providing employees with opportunities for continuing education has a positive impact on the success and growth of your organization or business. Team morale will go up and your defences will be that much stronger. 


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